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I would like to see the facility and meet with a trainer to discuss my needs, is there a cost to do this? 

No, Body Sculptors offers a free consultation with a trainer to discuss your personal goals, concerns, and aspirations. After an initial evaluation, realistic goals will be set and a timetable can be determined for success.

How long before I begin to see results?  

Depending upon a client's goals, most see differences in the first or second week of training. Elevated energy levels, combined with a sense of accomplishment and decreases in weight and body fat are expected. Not performing daily cardiovascular exercise and consuming unhealthy foods will hamper progress.

Do you have any clients at my age and level of condition that I may talk with?  

Body Sculptors' professional trainers are proud of the role they have played in other clients' accomplishments. We encourage all potential clients to converse with current clients about anything related to Body Sculptors. The trainers do not want to "trap" anyone into being trained without first knowing what the programs involve.

How do you charge?  

Training fees are based on personal programs and appointment numbers, usually by a monthly basis. We prefer to have clients pay one month in advance for their training. The trainers prefer clients to sign up for no more than one month. This allows the client and trainer to evaluate whether a client needs to continue with the training at Body Sculptors.

I want to be lean and toned, not bulky and muscular. Does your training facility cater only to competitive athletes?  

Every client has different goals and we cater to the 99% of the general public that wishes to pursue a healthier, leaner physique. Competitive and professional athletes make up 1% of clients trained at Body Sculptors.

Do you provide any written type of plan for the clients to follow?  

This is essential for training at Body Sculptors. Trainers will either email or give clients a training guide of information packed with ideas for healthier food, a brief overview of the training regimen, as well as tips for clients to follow that will assist in their body transformation.

May I see your credentials?  

Our credentials are noted in each of the trainer's biographies on this site with all degrees, awards, and certificates published at our facility.

I have tried losing weight before. What is the difference with your programs?  

The constant, one-on-one training and supervision with regard to all facets of a client's training program ensures that all who sign up with Body Sculptors will see and feel noticeable results. The programs devised only work if clients follow the directions of the trainers. Changes do not occur by chance events. If clients choose to do the workout, choose to eat a healthier diet, and choose to do cardiovascular exercise, accomplished goals are the result.

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