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Client Services

Get in shape, lose weight, and stay that way with the certified personal trainers at Body Sculptors–where we deliver personal attention and individualized programs to help each of our clients reach their personal weight loss and fitness goals. If you feel these programs are right for you, or you'd like to learn more about any of our tailor-made fitness programs, contact us today.

Weight-loss and Long-Term Management

At Body Sculptors, our trainers don’t simply hand you a generic workout routine; they specialize in teaching you methods of weight-loss and supply you with the tools and information for body and weight-loss management techniques, so you can keep the weight off and stay in shape for years to come. Clients of all ages and sizes are given personal programs to fit their physique and lifestyle, and can expect to either meet or exceed specific goals they establish before their training program begins. To get the most out of their weight-loss and long-term management program, clients are expected to implement cardiovascular exercises, develop healthy nutritional habits, and perform instructed weight training at Body Sculptors between two and four days per week.

Personal Training Programs

Because people come in all shapes and sizes, giving clients a generic program takes the "personal" out of personal training. That’s why the trainers at Body Sculptors individualize an easy-to-use training and fitness guide that includes healthy hints to maximize weight-loss and body fat reduction. The personalized attention from our trainers will ensure that every client gets the most out of their workout. Clients will have their body fat/weight/inches measured approximately every 2-3 weeks to prove not only that the program works, but also the hard work they have put into the program has produced quantifiable results.

What You Can Expect

Body Sculptors has high expectations for you! We prefer to have the results speak for themselves as there are numerous physiques that are displayed in the gym, as well as "before and after" photos portrayed on this website. Clients that were simply interested in losing a few pounds discovered the path to the body they have always wanted, but could never achieve. Once a program starts, increased energy levels will be noticed, as well as a confident feeling with regard to a sense of physical accomplishment. Gains and losses are due to clients either following, or not following our programs. This is not a training center that hopes you will lose weight and tone your body; if clients follow the program, success is always the end result!

Sport-Specific Training

The credentials of the trainers at Body Sculptors are solidified through their personal accomplishments and the accomplishments of our clients. From professional athletes looking for that edge of their competition, to recreational athletes looking to push themselves to the next level and get in even better shape, the trainers at Body Sculptors have been assisting athletes in a variety of sporting activities reach their goals and improve their performance. With no boundaries regarding age of athletes trained, the trainers will help develop a program that is suited to the physical and mental requirements of your respective sport. Let Body Sculptors take your game to the next level!

Working with Injuries or Limitations

It’s important to consult with your physician before beginning any workout or weight-loss regimen. Receiving a complete physical examination can give you and your doctor a better idea of your physical condition as well as identify any limitations you may have.

Once you’ve been cleared to start your personal training program, our experienced training staff can use the information gathered from your physical to personalize your experience for maximum effectiveness without exacerbating any preexisting injuries or physical limitations. That’s the benefit of a personal training program: it’s personal! Every program is designed with each individual’s specific need in mind. So stop letting a physical limitation hold you back from getting the body you’ve always dreamed of, and get started with the experienced trainers at Body Sculptors today.

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Personal Training
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Weight Loss
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